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Read what our customers are saying about Dog Digs Boarding:

“I do a lot of travelling for my job and have used a lot of kennels, I have never been to a better one then Dog Digs. Cheryl really understands dogs and has provided a wonderful and much needed service to me. She’s been looking after Gandalf for ~5 years now and she is always accommodating to my hectic schedule. She treats Gandalf like one of her own and he absolutely loves being with her – Dog Digs is like a home away from home for him.”

~ Gerry Connaughton

"Furgus, our 4-year old standard poodle, is enthusiastic about most things, but driving into Dog Digs sends him into ecstasy! Whether he stays for a day, or several weeks, we are always comfortable knowing that he is happy and in good and loving hands when we aren’t around. Cheryl spends time with all her “guests” and makes sure they are happy and well-adjusted while in her care. The dogs have plenty of outside time and play with other dogs. Furgus gets lots of exercise, he sleeps like, well, like a dog when he comes home and is always excited about going back. He always greets Cheryl with great enthusiasm, and doesn’t hesitate to greet his fellow dogs and start playing! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dog Digs and will always be faithful customers. Thanks Cheryl, and 'woof' from Furgus!"

~ Alison & Dave Hatler

"We have been very satisfied customers for several years now. Cheryl, the owner, is a true gem. She is flexible, professional and maintains high standards of care and cleanliness for her canine clients. Even better, she genuinely cares for the dogs Entrusted to her. She sees the individuality of each dog and uses that skill to make their experience at her kennel the best one possible. When we travel we are confident that our dogs are in good hands with Cheryl."

~ Lianne

"Cheryl of Dog Digs is an advocate for dogs and a rescuer at heart. She has helped the Northwest Animal Shelter with several of our dogs that needed more than we could provide in our volunteer run, shelter environment. Cheryl's understanding of dog behavior allows her to get to the root of their issues and to bring them back into balance. She has a thirst for knowledge and recognizes that she learns at least as much from each new dog that she works with, as they do from her. As a Certified Veterinary Assistant with years of work experience in that field, we know Cheryl is capable of recognizing potential or actual health issues that may arise with the dogs in her care, and of acting accordingly. The Dog Digs facility is bright, clean and well set up. Large outdoor areas are available for the dogs to increase and maintain their dog social skills. Cheryl has also made time to work with Northwest volunteers to enhance our knowledge and abilities to help the dogs in our care. The donation of her time, experience and expertise has been very much appreciated."

~ Northwest Animal Shelter

"We have left our German Shepherd with Cheryl on several occasions over the past couple of years. It is never easy to leave a well loved pet behind even for a weekend, but we know that Cheryl cares for her like she is her own. We are confident that should any problem arise, Cheryl would make the right decision for the dog and let us know as soon as possible. We have recommended Dog Digs to our friends, and we have all come home to happy, healthy pets after enjoying a worry free holiday."

~ Dave & Shirley

Read what our customers are saying about Dog Digs Training:

“There are many different ways of working with dogs, and Cheryl's seminar was a good opportunity to learn how our energy can affect those around us, including our dogs. The workshop provided a safe place to observe behaviours, both our own and our dogs. It was really interesting to me to see how my fearful dog reacted to a stranger approaching him when he was on his own. Normally, I would react to his behaviour if he started barking or circling around someone, most people are understandably nervous of a 90 lb dog who appears threatening to them, so I would remove him from the situation. Trouble is, he wasn't learning anything from that. Having the opportunity to watch him trying to make Cheryl go away, and to see how stressed he was when she calmly blocked his barking and lunging behaviour, really illustrated what is going on with him. And who knew that a big goofy mutt with no obvious breed characteristics would show some instinct for sheep herding ! Over the course of 15 minutes he moved from watching the sheep with mild curiousity to moving them down the fence line, cutting them off and holding them in place. And moving from nervousness to boldness in the process. The seminar has given us both information we can use to improve our relationship with each other and those around us.”

~ Lorna

“I took the 4 day seminar with Cheryl McCrae. I didn't know what to expect but I received way more than what I thought I might. Cheryl is a excellent instructor. She explained things so I "got it". I came away from the seminar with tools to use, a better understanding and respect for the instincts of dogs, and an awareness of my energy and how important it is to know what I am really saying to my dog. It was 4 days full of learning and I want to say Thank-you to Cheryl for putting all the time and effort into this seminar.”

~ Jenelle

“I found the seminar unbelievably valuable and we had fun too! It was great to learn the theory and then put it all into practice with pack walks, sheep herding and even meditation with our dogs. While I had read Cesar's books and understood the basic principles of energy and how our dogs react to our energy, seeing the changes in the dogs at the seminar (including my own excitable dog) when we relaxed and became calm, assertive leaders was amazing.”

~ Ash

“The most valuable things I learned was to calm myself before, maintain that calmness during, and just enjoy the experience of working with my dog.”

~ Claire

“The Dog Digs course was a highlight of my fall. Even though I have been trying to follow the Cesar Millan method of having a great dog, it is easier said than done. The course was a lot of fun and provided me with a renewed enthusiasm to practice being positive and relaxed. It is quite amazing the change in my dog as well as the other dogs I encounter now that I have more knowledge and the tools to reach a calmer state of mind.”

~ Kathy

“I attended this workshop in September 2015. Cheryl did an excellent job of organizing this workshop, including meditation, presentations (Caesar Millan way), one-on-one time with my dog (or one of Cheryl’s many dogs), and scenarios to facilitate understanding and recognizing the different types of dog behaviour and what to do to correct or adjust any deficiencies. I especially liked the meditation in the morning as it was a good way to start the day. As well, Cheryl’s presentation where she explained the Caesar Millan way was very interesting and a good way of setting us up for working with the dogs. I found this workshop to be of immense value in terms of improving my dogs behaviour. I recommend this workshop to all dog owners.”

~ Brandy Hughes

“I am so glad I took part in this course. The focus was to become a calm, assertive leader for our dogs, and a combination of theory and practical gave us the tools to be better trainers and owners of our amazing dogs. The daily meditation sessions helped me be mindful and present in the moment, and this made a big difference in how my dog responded to me. There was so much to learn about both people and dogs, and having hands-on training with my own dog was a priceless gift. This has changed the way I work with my dog, with very positive results whether at home or around other dogs and people. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand dog behavior and have a happier, healthier relationship with their own dogs.”

~ Heather